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Comparing GU10 LED bulbs

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Like many in the HA community, I have an interest in using LED based light bulbs, not just for power saving, but because they may well survive frequent cycling better than fluorescent or even incandescent technologies. This is fairly critical in an automated home, since in somewhere like a hall where the average family might leave a lamp almost permanently on, an automated home may be cycling the bulb many times a day.

Power Mad

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Yes, it's power monitoring madness here at the factory. It all started with an Owl.


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I must have seen this as a kid when they used to be shown on TV on Saturday mornings. I can't actually remember it, but clearly it went deep into my subconcious.

Improving Curtain Automation

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I automated my curtains quite some time ago, but over time I discovered a few issues that were not quite right. Some recent additions to Cortex have removed these problems.


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Bit of Friday fun ...

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