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So Flash Forward has been axed.

M&S Plan A Fail

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Marks and Spencer have a high profile "Plan A" which, amongst other things, pledges to reduce waste:

We'll significantly reduce the amount of packaging and carrier bags that we use, and find new ways to recycle materials.

Special Day Today

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Today is a special day and so before it is out I thought I'd put up a post.

It amused me. No other reason.

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Broken Links

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OK, so I've been through and hopefully mended all the links that were broekn in the move to MT4. So links from article to article should now work. Of course, incoming links to historical articles will now be broken, at least until I sort out some redirects. If I even bother.

On Disappointing Turks

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I thought it was about time I paid some attention to my web server logs, since I haven't been checking for errors since the move to MT4.

Jobs and the Web

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Much has been written on the darkside of the web for job applicants, how employers may find your Facebook profile and read of that drunken student exploit, or of political view they disagree with, or to cross-check your CV for those little *ahem* embellishments.

Amazon Error Arbitrage?

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I recently went looking for some Coltrane music to add to my collection, I guess prompted by this review which highly recommended First Meditations. This was recorded by the classic "Love Supreme" quartet, before it broke up and the tracks were re-recorded with Pharoah Sanders' primeval additions. It was not authorised for release by John Coltrane himself but later released by his wife. Since Love Supreme is one of my all time favourites (and I don't normally do favourites) it had to be worth listening to another recording by this band at the peak of their creativity.

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