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Useful WoL Utility for Macs

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WoL, or WakeonLan is the facility to wake a computer from a suspend or sleep mode by sending a magic packet to it via the LAN. Your motherboard must support it and you usually have to configure the BIOS to enable it.

Halloween Macro

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OK, I know it's a bit late but I've been really busy ...

Dell Powerconnect 2716

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These are quite nice little switches for home networking purposes, gigabit capability with jumbo frames, 16 ports, no fan, 12W power consumption and a basic managed capability for the adventurous.

DFP retro-fit to MFP position

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The new DFP is designed to fit over either a single box (if no mains connections used) or a dual-box, whereas the MFP mounts on a double box. As I discussed in my DFP post, the DFP mounting back plate is not compatible with a double box. So my DFP has remained deskbound for quite some time.

Too Darn Hot

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I built a new Node-0 cabinet to replace my metal wall cabinet type. The main reason was to get a bit more height and also some more depth at the bottom where it tucks under the roof apex so that I can fit some deeper server cases in there.

But whilst I was at it I changed my fan arrangement. Instead of trying to suck hot air out I now blow cooler air in. This means that in hot weather I am not sucking hot air from the roof void into the cabinet through any leaks. The air is blown in at the bottom rear corner and passes to the front through a plenum, since most equipment I have seems to suck in at the front.

More Mac only stuff

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One of the frustrations I have with accessing my Cortex computer remotely using RDC sessions from a Mac is the lack of a key mapping for \ (backslash). This can be infuriating when you want to enter a file path, for example.

For Mac users

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I've been playing with the camera functions and particularly network streaming. But then I decided that rather than start up a video client, it would be quite nice to have the camera output embedded in the desktop background.

Virtual Objects

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In my previous post I talked about objects and categorised them as:

  • Network Objects - software and module functionality
  • Cortex Logic Objects - pure software
  • Device Objects - external hardware devices
Now there is actually a feature of some network objects that is quite nifty, but conflicts with the categorisation above.


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The DFP has been around for a while now but I haven't got round to writing much about it.

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