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Another PID'd Silvia

Just completed the PID modification to my brother's Silvia as a birthday present. I am quite pleased with the results, I think it is reasonably aesthetically pleasing without requiring extensive stainless steelworking.

Front View

Side View

The PID is a 1/32DIN standard version from TC Direct. The thermocouple was sourced from Rapid Electronics (since they have a glass fibre sleeved version). PTFE cable sleeving and the SSR were purchased from RS Components and the case is available from Maplin.

Cables are routed out of the Silvia and straight into the PID box through matching holes. Neat and tidy !

PID'd Silvia (UK)

The Rancilio Silvia has attracted a loyal following amongst self-proclaimed coffee geeks, it is about the cheapest espresso machine available that is still capable of making a half decent espresso. So good is the base machine, that a relatively simple modification can improve it's consistency and seriously challenge significiantly more expensive machines.

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