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The Williams-Hubbard Surname Mystery

My great-grand father was George Alexander Williams-Hubbard, a glover who lived in Worcester, England. For some time I have been trying to understand the origin of the Williams-Hubbard name, especially since it is quite unique.

Family legend is that George's mother introduced it to reduce the complications involved in having children with two surnames, it is this that I been trying to verify.

This has proved somewhat confusing, since some records appear to support the marriage and family of Walter Henry Hadley Hubbard and Louisa Stone, but do not explain the Williams surname, and other records indicate an apparent match between Walter Henry Hadley Williams and Louise Friend. Of course, officals could have been variously recording Williams-Hubbard as Williams and as Hubbard, but this doesn't explain the two families theory.

Here's the details ...

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