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Completion of Mail.app Migration

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I went to write an email and found the address wasn't in the Mac's address book. This reminded me that I needed to export the address book from Thunderbird to the Mac's address book.
Despite switching I have retained Thunderbird as my mail client - partly because I saw some complaints about Mail.app crashing and partly because I couldn't be bothered to import all my old mail.

But Thunderbird is doing a poorer and poorer job at spam filtering (or the spammers are getting cleverer) and it's starting to get a bit irritating. In addition, mail access from my mobile device is even worse since it doesn't get the benefit of Thunderbird's filtering. Even though I have flat rate data, filtering out 100's of spam a day on a mobile screen was too much, so I stopped using it. But one of my friend's showed my his iPhone, generating instant gadget envy and I decided I really ought to mobilise my life a bit more - even without an iPhone. So some kind of server-side spam filtering was clearly needed.

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