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Using Cortex on XP with Remote Desktop Connection

My original Cortex PC was an Asus Terminator, with an Athlon XP1200, running Windows 2000, accessed remotely using VNC. This had done sterling service for a couple of years, but since I wanted to have everything neat up in the loft, and also wanted to minimise power consumption, I moved to a rackable 1U PC based on a VIA mini-ITX PD-10000.

ICP 1U 230mm Rack Case

After some hassles trying to find a source for ICP rack cases, I found that Linitx had just started stocking these cases. They seem quite nice for small mini-ITX based computers, especially if you don't have a full depth rack cabinet.

Installing a temporary MFP in the living room

I am Mr Temporary. Here's an MFP installed in the living room. This allows me to get all the functionality whilst I'm waiting for the opportunity to access the floor above.

Temporary installations in the bedroom

Since the ceiling needs replastering, I decided to temporarily fit the intended modules onto the ceiling, rather than in it. This will allow me to confirm operation is problem free and move them around if needed.

Configuring the humidity controlled fan and light

I briefly touched on using a humidity controlled fan in my bathroom install article. Here's some more details and an example of how well it can discriminate shower usage.

This weekend's project was the Bathroom

Just in case you've been wondering why it's been so quiet round here, I've been working up the courage to start cutting holes in the bathroom ceiling. Since the bathroom is "finished", there is no margin for error.

Cardboard Box Computer

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I wanted a small, low power, rackable PC for my Idratek home automation system, so I got a PD-10000 mini-ITX board from Linitx, some memory and used an old hard-drive.

Landing Light Automation using Idratek + X-10 LD11

My landing light is one of my favourites. Mainly because before I automated it I would forget to turn it on, get half way up, remember, decide to be too lazy to go down again, and then trip over something that had been left on the top step.

Loft Fan Automation

I previously installed a fan in my loft in an attempt to control the temperatures reached due to solar heating.

Initial Idratek Module Configuration

The newly arrived Idratek module will be recognised when first connected and will need an address to be assigned. When installing multiple modules, it is easier to pre-configure them at the computer, label them up, and then run round installing them.

My Idratek Node-I

Since AutomatedHome seems to have a bit of a Node-0 fetish, I thought I'd better show some pictures of my Idratek Node-I !

Kitchen Idratek Sensor Modules Installed

Installing the Idratek system in the kitchen has caused a degree of controversy in the house. Since the kitchen was renovated before I started on the whole HA journey, chasing of walls for additional wiring has been strictly forbidden. This has left me with some dilemmas on how to fit the switch module. Stay tuned for another episode to see how that was solved, but in the meantime, here's the installation of the sensory modules (THS-001 for temperature/humidity and LPS-001 for light-level and PIR presence).

Pump Dies Again

My liquid cooling exploits have not been entirely successful. I recently noticed an increase in gurgling noises in the system, and discovered an unusual decrease in the coolant level.

Dining Room Idratek Installed

It's been done for a while, but finally I get around to making some notes. The dining room automation (phase 1) is complete, consisting of 4 Idratek modules, an LPS-001, ITR-001, THS-001 and DRB-001. This provides most of the functionality of the MFP panel, except anything to do with audio - like speech recognition, annunciation or spoken menus.

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