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Outdoor Sensor

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Amongst my recent box of goodies from Idratek was an outdoor sensor.

Using logic gate to inhibit heating

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I thought I'd have a play with the new General Logic object and when reviewing my heating set up yesterday I spotted an opportunity.

Quick HA Porn Fix

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Slightly more successful MT4 Upgrade

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So I was just about to write a long post and Tamzin Skyped me to tell me one of the links wasn't working. 

Adding Zone Valves

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I've mentioned I added radiator valve actuators to improve my heating control, so here's a walkthrough of the steps in Cortex to add them.

Failed MT4 Upgrade

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No, you weren't going mad, this site did take on a bit of a hacked appearance over the last 24 hours. It's all Firefox's fault.

How's that heating going ?

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I haven't made any real effort to tune the heating control, but already I can feel the benefits of the tighter control.

More Blogs

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More Idratek install blogs are popping up

ReadyNAS Power Supply Replacement

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Before Christmas my ReadyNAS NV power supply decided to emit a rather disgusting smell.

Heating Control

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After some time with a simple heating control scheme I have now pretty much fully automated my central heating.

Using GU10 energy saving lights

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It's barely home automation but I've been experimenting with GU10 CFL energy saving light bulbs in the bathroom. After some extensive googling for reviews (not many) I settled on the Megaman brand and got a bunch to put into the bathroom - the thinking was that with 5 x 50W halogen it might be worthwhile.

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