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Finishing the Kitchen Install

In my previous kitchen entry, I mentioned that the automation of the light switch was going to be a bit of a challenge, since chasing the walls was verboten.

Permanently PIDing my Silvia

I originally PID'ed my Silvia quite a while ago. This was a temporary installation. allowing for easy removal should there be any problems whilst Silvia was in her warranty period. I later PID'd my brother's machine in a slightly more elegant fashion, but it's a permanent installation, since holes are drilled in Silvia. Now that my Silvia is outside warranty, and has also been usurped by an Izzo Vivi HX machine, I decided to give her a facelift before passing her on to the next espresso addict.

Holes in the Bedroom Wall

I caught up my HA plans a bit this weekend. Apart from spending a day PIDing my Silvia, I also spent some time completing the half temporary main bedroom install.

How Orange are Idratek Modules ?

The UKHA online community seem to have a slight hang-up regarding the aesthetics of the Idratek modules. Several times I have read that they are orange. My eyes seem to be deficient in the orange region, because I just can't see it. I tested Tamzin's eyes too and she sees no connection with easyJet either.

Does My Ear Look Big In This ?


I must have had hundreds of in-ear headphones by now, you know, so-called "ear-buds". So what I'd like to know is ...

What, No Hot Weekend Home Automation Action ?

I was _planning_ so much, connecting up the door switches on the bedrooms, getting the last two DRB's in place, getting the boiler networked.

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