Crappy Programming in Mavis Beacon

What with all these blog entries I'm hammering out, I thought it would be a good idea to abandon hunt and peck and try touch typing. A quick visit to PC World and I have the famous Mavis in my hand.

As soon as I ran it I kind of expected trouble as it went into full screen mode, changed the resolution and started to rearrange my dual display setup. But, no, that seemed to be OK. The reason it doesn't work is because some stupid programmer didn't consider that "My Documents" might be on a network drive. What a surprise, Mavis can't create:

J:\\Gemini\David\My Documents\\system.msy
^^^^^^^^^ Doh !

Remapping My Documents to a local drive works, but I don't want to do that every time I decide to practice typing for 15 minutes. It doesn't work through a mapped drive letter, either.

So that's £20 down, do I chance $19.99 on a download of Mavis 16 ?

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