Royal Marriage Follow-Up

So this week we get the news that the law means Camilla will be Queen if Charles makes it to the throne. Despite all previous pretences about "Princess Consort", this was clearly a smokescreen. Some experienced court reporters saw straight through it at the time, clued in by use of the word "intention", a traditional codeword used to give some wiggle-room later.

If Charles really did want to claim that this was a private affair, and that Camilla really didn't want the title, why doesn't he request that the law be changed ?

So, from this, we can read that the gameplan is to get the marriage over asap, and then hope that, by the time Charles ascends, everybody has got "used" to Camilla and won't mind her being Queen.

I think it's the continued deception that bugs me. There's enough spin coming out of the politicians, once the Royals descend to this level they are eliminating the very differences that make them worth keeping. Or, if they are going to do it, they need to get some far better spin-doctors than they've got at the moment.

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