Stupid Telephone Spammers

Some complete scum company has released my telephone number onto a cold calling list. This must have been an American company I have done business with, since, unless the telephone spammers are trolling old UK telephone directories, there is no other way they could have obtained it. So now I keep getting those stupid recorded calls that must think I'm completely stupid to fall for the old "you've won a ... crap". Having said that, I was stupid enough to business with an unscrupulous company.

It seems that the UK telephone preferences list won't help me here, since it covers call originating in the UK only. I wonder if this is an international crime. Should Interpol be involved ?

But seriously, the only response I have is to leave the call running as long as possible in the hope of inflating their call charges. Do they know they are ringing an international number, do they care, or do they get such a cheap bulk rate that it doesn't matter ?

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