Slipstreaming Windows XP CD for Intel ICH5

All my recent hassles with trying to configure dual-booting on a system using "fakeraid" has led to some useful discoveries.

One of them concerns building Windows XP installation CDs so that you don't need to insert floppy discs for 3rd party drivers during the process. This very useful if you don't have a floppy drive in your PC, in my case because there is a radiator where the floppy drive should be. I thought a USB floppy drive would be the solution, but despite the BIOS recognising it for booting, the Windows XP setup process does not.

This process is called "Slip Streaming", and there are plenty of guides out there. What has made it a lot easier is an really nice little utility called nLite. Using this you can incorporate SP2, hotfixes and 3rd party drivers, and also tweak a bunch of settings. You can even set the disc up for unattended install. I found a great (although apparently slightly out of date) guide to the process.

In order to slipstream the Intel drivers for the motherboard chipset I had to pick them up from their installed location (C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Application Accelerator\Driver) - the driver download only unpacks to an installer, not the separate files.

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