When I Go I Want To Be Freeze Dried

I've never been a great fan of being buried. I basically felt it was a bit of a waste of space. It takes up a rather large volume for rather a long time for no real benefit to anyone.

But in completely contradictory way, I do like gravestones. Even before I started researching my family history I always liked reading the memorial stones in graveyards.

Of course, you can have a memorial stone without being buried, by being cremated and interring your ashes. But cremation, whilst space efficient, doesn't seem very ecological, expecially in these times of concern about greenhouse gases. Releasing trapped heavy metals (from your fillings, for example) isn't brilliant either. And it does seem a bit of a waste of potential nutrient value in the body.

So I was fascinated to read about promession. Basically, they freeze dry your body and then dip it in liquid nitrogen. You are then so brittle that it is very easy to disassemble you into a fine powder, a bit like these shattered roses. As usual, chemical and biological processes work a lot quicker on finely divided materials, so all the messy business is done in 6-12 months. I'm a great fan of composting.

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