Password Syncing on the Mac

Since switching I have found suitable equivalent to Windows software for almost everything. But I am still missing a solution for financial management and password storage.

I can continue to use MS Money under Parallels, but a password store needs to be instantly present to avoid getting in the way. Ideally it should integrate with the Mac Keychain functionality, but also sync to a Windows Mobile device. These two seem to be mutually exclusive. Using Missing Sync I can successfully sync my MDA Vario II, and could use that to move a file backwards and forwards, so could possibly use SplashID, which has variants for both Windows Mobile and Mac OSX. But this would not actually synchronise the two sources.

Another possibility is to have the Windows version under Parallels and somehow make it work from the same file as the Mac version, and then synchronise via ActiveSync.

Or I could give up on the syncing and run 1Passwd on the Mac, but syncing is actually very useful and I would miss it ... especially since it means I'll have to manually synchronise the 1Sync and the Windows Mobile program.

It seems the synchronisation conduit is the big hole. Perhaps the open source PasswordSafe may be the tool most likely to end up with a conduit, especially since MissingSync make their conduit development tools openly available.

More investigation required...

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