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Amongst my recent box of goodies from Idratek was an outdoor sensor.
This is a light level, temperature and humidity sensor mounted in an IP66 box. Well, it might not be IP66 anymore, because there are some holes drilled in the bottom to allow the temperature and humidity to get in. They have grilles to stop small insects getting in, however.


I mounted it on the side of my shed facing back to the house. This is approximately NE facing, so shouldn't get too much solar gain affecting the temperature readings. Since the box leans back a bit because of the shed siding, I made a small rain deflector from some spare roof flashing.

As I connected the module it was detected as normal and I added it to the "garden" which is a floor outside the house. The light level connection automatically propagates into the "Outside light level" of all internal light object behaviours. Clever stuff, this Cortex.

An obvious thing was to set up a threshold on the light level to close the automated curtains:


I set up a large hysteresis due to possibility of clouds and small mammals.

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