I Love The Smell Of Wet Plaster In The Morning...

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... it smells like ... progress
So it's been a bit quiet on the blogging front whilst major plaster works take place through the living room, hall and landing.


The ground floor plaster was cut back to 1m high and replaced with tanking membrane included, knackered stud wall stripped back and recovered and various other walls re-skimmed for cosmetic reasons. The stairs landing slanting false ceiling was removed and a horizontal one refitted. Another damaged stud wall was stripped and recovered and a redundant doorway was removed on the landing and the walls made good, as well as recovering various cosmetic defects. 

There's still some more plastering to be done when the new front door is fitted and quite a lot of drying out to wait for, but it's the culmination of the worst, messiest part of the business.

I also discovered that wallpaper strippers do a fantastic job removing old black gunky tile glue.

Of course, I took the opportunity to work in a new PIR sensor at the foot of the stairs which should speed up detection of people before they round the corner at the bottom. 

I'm still pondering lighting for the stairs, but thinking of a large array of LED downlighters, which should be quicker to turn on than CFLs but much more energy efficient than halogens. Given that the new ceiling can only be reached with a ladder, the bulb life should prove advantageous as well. 

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