Enabling Movable Type API on Hostgator (and possibly other shared servers)

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This is a sort of reminder to myself, but took ages to track down on the web so I might as well post it in case anyone else struggles.

I decided to try external blog editors such as MarsEdit and iBlogger but couldn't get them to work - constant 500 server error. Eventually I got to the bottom of this.
When ever I attempted to access the mt-xmlrpc.cgi file I got a server 500 error. The server logs didn't give many clues. At first I thought it was a failure for the script to be executed, since the MT4 installation directions indicate that much of MT4 should be installed under the main cgi-bin directory, which for some reason I hadn't. Despite this, all of the regular .cgi stuff seemed to work. However, I tried moving all mentioned files to the correct place.

Still had problems - it turns out that my host doesn't have some optional Perl modules installed that are required for the API, SOAP::Lite and LWP:UserAgent. My host does allow these to be installed locally, but the local installation is not in the default Perl path. So it is also required to add:

my $homedir = ( getpwuid($>) )[7]; my @user_include; foreach my $path (@INC) { if ( -d $homedir . '/perl' . $path ) { push @user_include, $homedir . '/perl' . $path; } } unshift @INC, @user_include;

to the top of any of the MT .cgi files that need extra modules. In my case I added this to the mt-xmlrpc.cgi file just after

use strict; my $MT_DIR; sub BEGIN {

I hope that helps someone.

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