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So Flash Forward has been axed.
I guess that will save me the bother of watching it any more.

Ever since the success of the X-files there has been a succession of series based on the same on-going unresolved mystery scheme (or scam?): Lost, Flash Forward, Desperate Housewives, Heroes and I suppose numerous others that didn't make it to these shores. 

It works for a while, since we all want a resolution to the mystery. But eventually the plot must either resolve and by definition end or we loose interest, realising we've been had and that there will never be a resolution, we are just attention-fodder for a "franchise". Even the X-files petered out under the weight of it's own contradictions and lack of new ideas in the end.

Unfortunately the replacement is remakes of classic's from the 70's. Which should never be attempted, in my opinion. (Dr Who doesn't count, it's not a re-make).

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