Temporary installations in the bedroom

Since the ceiling needs replastering, I decided to temporarily fit the intended modules onto the ceiling, rather than in it. This will allow me to confirm operation is problem free and move them around if needed.

The cable has been clipped to the plasterboard and run across from where the run down to the light switch originates. Well, it gives you something to look at when in bed:

Modules in Ceiling

The modules installed are an LPS-001 (light level and PIR), ITR-001 (IR TX/RX) and THS-001 (temp/humidity). These have been installed in other places, so not much to say. Here's a picture of the back of the ITR-001, showing headers allowing for external IR devices to be connected. This is useful if you have stick-on IR "eyes", these sometimes come with things like the TiVo and Sky+ box, where they can control a second device:

ITR-001 Module Back

The LPS default is for the module LED to illuminate to indicate movement sensing. This is useful for debugging, but in the bedroom it's likely to cause a few issues at night if it flashges every time you turn over. It can be disabled fairly simply by sending a pair of Reflex commands to the module via Cortex command insight editor. Here's the sequence to build the first packet, you can see the editor guiding you at each step in the packet:

Command Insight Packet to Network

Command Insight Point to Point

Command Insight Main Bedroom LPS

Command Insight Ack required

Command Insight Set Parameter

Command Insight Module General

Command Insight Clear Operation

Command Insight General Mode Byte

Command Insight Bit 1 Modify

Command Insight Bit Settings Complete

Command Insight Transmit

This builds a Reflex packet to clear bit 1 in the Module General Mode Byte:

19:13:32 FA  Implicit ID
19:13:34 90 Point to Point Packet (Low priority)
19:13:42 1058 Main Bedroom Light Level PIR (1058)
19:13:46 4400 Ack required. 4 Repeats on Error
19:13:53 12 Set Parameter
19:13:55 00 Module general
19:14:03 2 Op= Clear
19:14:07 0 Modify Module General Mode byte
19:15:32 >World
19:15:32 >FA09901058440012002002

Having done that, you need to build another packet to send the Save Profile command (which makes this change "sticky"), you can re-use the last header in the editor, which saves a few steps:

19:15:40 *   &FA9010584400 
19:15:45 08 Save Profile
19:15:50 >World
19:15:50 >FA06901058440008

A quick visit to the bedroom to check it's worked -- it's actually quite unsettling not to see the PIR trigger indication, but needs must.

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