Installing a temporary MFP in the living room

I am Mr Temporary. Here's an MFP installed in the living room. This allows me to get all the functionality whilst I'm waiting for the opportunity to access the floor above.

The MFP has been installed onto a single lighting box using a single-to-double converter:

MFP side on with converter

This does allow it to clear the architrave, but it's positioning is somewhat aesthetically lacking:

Living Room MFP

The final plan is to put a DRB-001 module here and the sensor modules in the ceiling as per the dining room. The MFP includes relays for two circuits, so it can switch the lights that were previously manually operated here. It also has PIR, temperature and light level sensors, as well as the intercom functions.

Having installed it here, I feel it has confirmed my decision to use ceiling positioning in general. The PIR devices are more sensitive to cross-lateral movement, and placing the light sensor onthe wall makes it more prone to shading (ie standing in front of it) which can lead to anomalous automation decisions.

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