Updating Cortex

I've just updated Cortex to a beta version of v19.

This required uninstalling the old version and a complete re-install, it can't be performed through the auto-update procedure - I'm not sure whether this is because it's a beta. As ever, I got caught out by the install key being case-sensitive and exiting out of the install wizard when I forgot to press the shift key.

Part of the process requires updating the firmware on the PCA module to support some new features. This is the first time I've used the Node firmware loader and it went pretty smoothly. I think the only thing missing is a clear indication that the process has completed ... something like a "Update Process Completed" message in the transaction log. After this it was recommended that I recommission the PCA. By performing a factory reset, Cortex detects the node as a new node and resets the address.

Something slightly weird seemed to happen here. Cortex detects the new node and then offers to either assign a new, unused, address or reuse the existing one. I selected the existing address and it seemed to do the job, but then failed to start the network - most nodes failing to respond. It then detected the PCA again at the factory address (which explains the network not starting) and I repeated the address selection process. This time everything started up properly. Perhaps I was too quick to start the network and the PCA address hadn't been assigned the first time.

After this I performed an auto-update to pick up any changes. There were quite a few, but then I have been slow to swap to the new version. I still disconnect the RDP session after triggering the update due to the problem I've had before - I haven't yet checked to see if this problem has been resolved.

So now I am running 19.2.4. Cortex starts with a new banner. It's got a 3D rounded edge effect, and I have to say - sorry guys - I preferred the old one ! I think the bevel region is a bit too wide. Perhaps I have an over-developed sense of aesthetics, it's hardly a major issue.

The Cortex main screen has been updated a bit, with a button to hide/show the comms/tree pane. There's also a button to hide/show any connected camera images. This could be useful for machines with restricted screen size, or when using via remote control, allowing the plan view to be larger.

And that's all I've noticed so far.

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