More Default Behaviours with Reflex

The previous example was for a very simple case when the button and relay are in the same module. So what happens when the relay and buttons are in different modules ?

Actually, it's very simple. As before, you define the relay packets under the module that has the relays, and then when you set up your button vectors in the other module, you just call up the correct packet from the list. Easy !

This, incidentally, allowed me to set up a 3-way switching scheme very simply. One module has the relay to control the lights, and the buttons on it and two other DRBs are set up toggle this relay. Because the built-in Reflex actions on relay objects include a toggle, there's no state tracking to be done, which would be the case for simple On/Off actions.

Exactly the same approach applies where you have remote switching, such as using a QRI relay module. This is how certain of my bathroom lights are controlled, so that there are no switch wires down to the QBI (Quad-button switch), and therefore no mains power anywhere near them.

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