What I did in my summer holidays

I used to hate that essay title. How inspiring was that ? And why did the teachers want to know anyway ?

This summer I have mostly been plastering and painting the bedroom. The plastering has been an bit of a 'mare, I thought it was all done and then more of the old lime plaster fell off as I started painting it. So more cutting back and making good. Still, all the plastering's done, and the plasterer has done a nice job of the chimney breast (hide prior owner's complete hash of fireplace removal) and ceiling (similar). In fact, the ceiling is looking so virginal now it's painted that I'm not quite ready to start making holes in it to fit the modules.

On the Idratek front I've got two SRH-001 power controlled sockets in the dining room (prompted by arrival of dining room cupboards - thanks Mike), an IPS-002 power system and one of the first prototype SLD-001 dimmer units under test. Arriving shortly will be the first motorised curtain rail and I'm also trying to settle on radiator valve actuators to move to fully room by room heating control.

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