IPS-002 Power Supply

I've been running the Idratek IPS-002 intelligent power supply for a few months now.

It replaced the single module sized power supply (which I've kept as an emergency backup). The IPS-002 comes in a steel DIN rail enclosure with a standardised key lock.

ips in steelk box

Inside is the Idratek IPS module, mains switched mode power supply and the backup battery. It might seem silly to battery-back a system that primarily controls mains operated units, but it is actually quite useful if you want to cut power on just the ring supplying the Idratek power supply, as well as eliminating restart time on short power cuts or glitches due to brownouts, which seem quite common here. If you are using the Idratek system to provide security features it also makes it more difficult to interfere with system operation by cutting the main ring power.

inside the box

The IPS module itself controls battery charging and switch-over in the case of loss of power. It is on-net, so can provide status information to Cortex and also any Reflex functionality.

ips module

The IPS has 4 switched power outputs and an "always-on" spur for powering modules like the PCA/PCD network interface. The switched spurs are monitored for faults and current consumption is monitored and logged by Cortex.

IPS Behaviour 1

IPS Behaviour 2.png

Certain functions are not yet fully supported by Cortex. The module has a built-in timer that could be used for the network watchdog function (instead of an MFP) and there is a door switch for tamper protection that does not appear as an available connection. These are utilisable via Reflex programming.

If you use one of these devices, the network watchdog function will need modification, since the network reset broadcast will reset the IPS and cause it to power cycle all spurs. The broadcast packet can be replaced with the IPS sequenced spur reset command and all will be well.

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