Slightly more successful MT4 Upgrade

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So I was just about to write a long post and Tamzin Skyped me to tell me one of the links wasn't working. 
It was not obvious what had got broken, so I ended up installing MT4 again and this time importing all my content into a new database. It took so long I also installed WordPress as well to have a look at.

So I'm sorry if the RSS feeds have been all over the place.

Which one will I keep ? Well, MT has some lock-in due to issues with perma-links and the console is much slower than MT3.2 or Wordpress. On the possibly positive side it also has an asset manager. 

The other deciding factors will be the ease of changing themes, the ease of customising templates and the quality of the built-in editor. I do have a slight bias to WordPress due to it's open source nature, I guess I could go to MT GPL, but I think they have already lost the mindshare.

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