On Disappointing Turks

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I thought it was about time I paid some attention to my web server logs, since I haven't been checking for errors since the move to MT4.

One of the things I discovered is that my RSS1.0 feed (index.rdf) is no longer produced, since there isn't a built-in template. So this has been redirected to the Atom feed. If it works, great, if not then maybe any subscribers will take a look and re-subscribe to the Atom feed.

I also discovered that the top google search phrase landing on my site is "ha porn". It also seems that the visitors from these searches predominantly have Turkish IP addresses. So either there is a thriving Home Automation community in Turkey looking for some gratuitous pictures of equipment or "ha" means something in Turkish. If it does, Google translate can't translate it. Judging by the bounce rate I don't think they are finding what they wanted.

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