Too Darn Hot

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I built a new Node-0 cabinet to replace my metal wall cabinet type. The main reason was to get a bit more height and also some more depth at the bottom where it tucks under the roof apex so that I can fit some deeper server cases in there.

But whilst I was at it I changed my fan arrangement. Instead of trying to suck hot air out I now blow cooler air in. This means that in hot weather I am not sucking hot air from the roof void into the cabinet through any leaks. The air is blown in at the bottom rear corner and passes to the front through a plenum, since most equipment I have seems to suck in at the front.
However, my initial quick and dirty mounting method for the fan, screwing it to the rear of the cabinet, had the downside that the cabinet operated as a very effective soundbox. 

With the current weather the roof space and cabinet are getting pretty hot and it's a bit premature to cut the fan off at bedtime. I want the option of running the fan through the night if necessary, so I spent a couple of hours today crammed round the back to rig up an anti-vibration mount.

Apologies for the angle but I was rather jammed in. The large duct in the background is for the PIV fan, this pressurises the whole house to ensure fresh air in the winter. The mount seems to be quite effective.

I still need to pay some attention to the equipment inside the cabinet itself and also see if I can get some anti-vibration mounts to decouple the whole cabinet from the floorboards.

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