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OK, I know it's a bit late but I've been really busy ...
For a bit of fun I set up a simple Halloween macro in the anticipation of trick-or-treaters. Despite my preparations, we only got one visitor and I think he was preoccupied with the sweetie jar. However, I have been getting funny looks from the Postman recently.

The first thing was to change the doorbell sound. I found a great archive of Addams Family .wav files which seemed quite appropriate. A bunch of sounds were installed and configured through the Sounds Behaviour dialog:

Halloween Macro Sounds Behaviour
I then set the doorbell sounds as the Addams Family doorbell. I like this so much I've kept it:

Next I created a little macro:

The final step is to start the macro when the doorbell is rung by adding a connection to the doorbell:
So the end result is when anyone rings the doorbell the Addams Family gong is sounded. Then there is a loud ominous creaking as the front door is opened followed by Lurch's famous "You Rang". A little while after the door is closed again we get Lurch's groan. Quite appropriate for all those energy supplier hawkers we seem to get these days.

Next year I'll add some lighting effects. I think making sure the hall light goes off and triggering a strobe light ought to do the trick.

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LOL nice one!

So do people hear it out side and where the sound of door bell located?

There is a DFP in the hall and it's quite loud, but I haven't stood outside to check. We'll have to wait for the external panel for more fun...

Obviously people hear the creak as the door opens. It's raised a few laughs.

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