Shock as I abandon Apple for Microsoft

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Yes, serious failings have led me to abandon Apple for Microsoft products
after continued issues with my Mighty mouse's nipple getting gunked up I finally gave up and bought a cheap Microsoft wireless mouse.

Why not the new Apple Magic Mouse? 

i) Mixed reports on how good it is
ii) Price
iii) I use a Belkin KVM to switch my monitor between Mac Pro and Macbook so using a USB dongle based wireless mouse is simpler.

How's the Microsoft mouse? OK. Typical Microsoft that I had to reboot my whole computer after loading the driver. The driver creates a separate pref pane and the settings are split between this and the usual mouse settings. And the programmable buttons can't be set to show all Spaces, which is a bit weak, only Exposé views. The Scroll wheel has no friction at all which just feels a bit weird. It's ... OK.

I did look at Logitech mice, but didn't (easily) find a cheap wireless one that claimed Mac compatibility. Probably should have looked harder. Until the battery wore out I still think the Logitech Laser rechargeable one with docking cradle was probably the best mouse I've ever had.

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