Does My Ear Look Big In This ?


I must have had hundreds of in-ear headphones by now, you know, so-called "ear-buds". So what I'd like to know is ...

why do none of them fit? OK, here's your chance to tell me, does this ear look too large ? too small ? weirdly shaped (given that all ears are weirdly shaped) ?


The standard Apple iPod buds stay in for ... ooh ... all of 3 milli-seconds:

Apple iPod Buds

The Apple "In-Ear" phones stay in for slightly longer, varying from 4 seconds to about 30 seconds, depending on the size of the rubbery bit that I fit on:

Apple In Ear Buds

But finally I have found some that stay in (yey), the Panasonic RP-HNJ50. They also have 3 sizes of silicone bit, but "medium" seemed to work straight off the bat. They are integrated into a neckstrap and work really well with flash players, sound OK too:

Panasonic Buds

So, if you're suffering from useless ear syndrome, perhaps they'll work for you also.


Sony do some similar ones that I've tried and been very pleased with the results. I'm another person who obviously has non-industry standard ears.

I too suffer from UES (Useless Ear Syndrome). I have a drawer full of iPod Phones which are useless to me, and a pair of the Apple "In-Ear" Phones, which also failed miserably to fit.

I second the Sony earbuds (MDR-EX71SL or MDR-EX71SL/WK). The only problem is that if you lose the rubber bit, they are all but useless. (Though I'm sure that is a problem with the Panasonic as well.)

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