How Orange are Idratek Modules ?

The UKHA online community seem to have a slight hang-up regarding the aesthetics of the Idratek modules. Several times I have read that they are orange. My eyes seem to be deficient in the orange region, because I just can't see it. I tested Tamzin's eyes too and she sees no connection with easyJet either.

So I decided to do a quick experiment. Taking an image of a QBI (probably the busiest Idratex module apart from the MFP, ignoring the PCIF and XGW, which would most likely be hidden away in a Node-I) I loaded into Photoshop and cropped it. I deliberately cropped inside the edges of the module to avoid capturing excess pixels or any of the surrounding. This crop will lead to an over-estimation of the proportion of orange in the image.


I converted to LAB and threw away the lightness channel, this leaves an image based on the colour content of the original. I threw away the B channel as well, leaving just the original A, since there are no tones that are not orange:

QBI-001 colour information

After converting this to a grayscale, I then used a threshold layer to select the pixel with values indicating they were coloured. This really throws away colour noise and offsets due to imperfect lighting, you can see I have again been generous in the interpretation of colour, since some noise remains included:

QBI-001 thresholded

It's then fairly easy to count the white pixels by using select>color range. The result is 1189 out of 162800 pixels have any colour at all.

This means that the Idratek QBI-001 is 0.7% orange. (Slightly more strictly speaking <0.7% non-neutral)

(Just kidding guys !!)

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