Failed MT4 Upgrade

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No, you weren't going mad, this site did take on a bit of a hacked appearance over the last 24 hours. It's all Firefox's fault.

I've got fed up with Firefox or it's extensions gradually leaking memory and slowing my computer to a crawl. If I used a Windows machine I might not notice, but because I use a Mac I only reboot every few weeks or so.

So, in a fit of high dudgeon, I decided to move all my browsing activities to Safari, which has become quite usable compared to it's crash prone predecessor. And instantly I discovered that MT 3.2 has a very annoying bug in that the text editing buttons don't appear. A bug that was fixed in MT4. An MT4 upgrade has been on my todo list for a couple of months, 4.1 is out, so hopefully got past the initial bugs, seems like the time is right.

I did read the upgrade instructions in all their glorious brevity, and took the "proper" route of a fresh install and then upgrading the database. And at first it seemed easy, but then I discovered that 4 out of 5 category indexes were inexplicably referencing the old templates but in a rather half-arsed manner so that they were unreadable. After 4 hours futzing around trying to understand what was going on - an impossible task in the new template structure - I gave up.

So after another hour tonight I gave up and restored from backups. Hopefully everything is back in it's right place.

I now have two choices, try another MT4 upgrade either on a test server or parallel to this one, or give in to an urge to migrate to WordPress.

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