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One of the frustrations I have with accessing my Cortex computer remotely using RDC sessions from a Mac is the lack of a key mapping for \ (backslash). This can be infuriating when you want to enter a file path, for example.
This reminds me of a colleague from a long time ago, when I used Unix workstations running Interleaf for word processing. It was popularly known as InterGrief and must have had a similar keymapping issue, since this colleague had a script he would run periodically that generated a text file full of a certain character that he could then cut and paste into his documents when he needed them.

Anyway, I have found a solution: backslasher.

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I know that pain.

In the early days of working in IT I worked for a Mac/PC shop and one project was to migrate a Mac Fileserver to NT4 with Services for Mac. The number of illegal characters that had to be changed on filenames was a nightmare when we copied stuff across.


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