Finished Bathroom Default Reflexes

I'm on a roll now I've figured out the X-10 stuff.

The bathroom is controlled by a QBI four button module, which controls another LD-11 X-10 dimmer (main light), plus 2 relays within an QRI DIN 4-relay module in the panel in the loft (mirror light and shower light), plus an override function on the bathroom shower fan, which is switched by a relay in an SRH module. Normally all these are fully automated, but the same principles can be applied to set up default Reflex behaviours.

X-10 Dimmer

This is very similar to before, all that changes is one byte in the X-10 packet to change the house code from A2 to A1. I cut and pasted the complete Reflex string into the insight editor, but you need to be careful when editing the middle of the string because Cortex moves the cursor back to the end of the string on every key-press.

Mirror Light

This is similar to the remote switching of a relay described in the hall example, except instead of defining a packet to control a DRB relay, this time the same method is used to defined a packet to flip the relay in the QRI.

Shower Light

Virtually identical to the mirror light, but a different relay.

Shower Fan

Again, this is just another remote switching effort, this time addressing the SRH.

So, now the QBI has default behaviours addressing 3 different remote units.

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